New Equipment Solutions Relies on Availability and Quality Service

When Your Work Needs

Get Powerful Solutions from M.G. Bryan

M.G. Bryan is more than just a manufacturer of new equipment. We make sure you get the right equipment that suits your specific job, terrain, and production requirements. We help you understand the total cost of ownership for new Tier 4 equipment, which helps with the decision whether it would be best to replace or refurb existing equipment.

The best component in our value proposition is the M.G. Bryan commitment to service and product support after any new equipment sale is complete. Whether your company needs engines, generators, fracing equipment, or other types of oil field equipment, M.G. Bryan Equipment Company is committed to providing new equipment to perform the job and keep your business running.

Refurbished Equipment Program

Our refurbishment program results in less downtime, longer life of equipment, and significant cost savings compared to machine replacement.

Tier 4 Capabilities

We have a unique Tier 4 expertise, along with the product and parts availability you need to become compliant while still getting the job done.

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