We have unique Tier 4 expertise, along with the product and parts availability you need to become compliant while still getting the job done. We can help you analyze your current equipment and balance your financial trade-offs between refurbing existing Tier 2 equipment or upgrading to Tier 4 equipment. Talk to M.G. Bryan if you’re not sure how the new Tier 4 requirements affect your operation.

What is Tier 4?

  • These standards require that emissions of PM (particulate matter) and NOx (oxides of nitrogen) be drastically reduced. Tier 4 compliance can be achieved through the proper refurbishment of Tier 2 equipment or upgrading to Tier 4.
  • Tier 4 represents a greater deal of complexity for new equipment. M.G. Bryan can help you select the most appropriate Tier 4 technology for your specific application.

Why Upgrade to Tier 4?

  • Be in compliance with EPA standards – avoid fines, work stoppage, and legal complications.
  • There is no new domestic-bound Tier 2 equipment being produced, and what is left is running out, wearing out, and selling out quickly.
  • Near zero emissions that are important to Operators when selecting which company they will hire for frac services.
  • Ownership of Tier 4 equipment may provide an advantage for companies bidding on government jobs or those that want to work in EPA-designated non-attainment zones.
  • In some instances, fuel efficiency is improved in Tier 4 vs. Tier 2.

Tier 4 Equipment and Parts Availability

  • M.G. Bryan has a unique level of Tier 4 expertise
  • We can consult with you to make smart decisions as to whether it is best to buy new Tier 4 equipment or extend your existing Tier 2 equipment with a M.G. Bryan refurb.
  • Our new equipment includes Tier 4 certified engines, which are integrated within the complete power system.
  • Many Tier 2 parts are not compatible with Tier 4 equipment. Rely on M.G. Bryan to have a parts stock built up to meet your on-demand production needs.
  • Convenient West Texas service location to quickly respond to your Tier 4 service and parts needs.

Contact M.G. Bryan today at (972) 623-4300 for more information on meeting your Tier 4 needs.

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