Extend Equipment Life With Our Refurbishment Program

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With Refurb Solutions from M.G. Bryan

M.G. Bryan has been keeping jobs running for over 30 years– we know the local geography, the job requirements, and the industry – we are able to use this knowledge to help make the best decisions for your unique job and equipment requirements. We’ll come right to your job site, perform a thorough and in-depth inspection, and then provide the information you need to help make the right choice between replacing and refurbing. Our company has the capability to provide everything from a light refurb to a full trailer rebuild where we remove every component and start from the ground up.

When the refurb is complete, we conduct a customer acceptance test to make sure everything performs properly and meets your expectations. With our background and industry knowledge, our refurbishment program results in less downtime, longer life of equipment, and significant cost savings compared to machine replacement. The free on-site inspection and evaluation program from M.G. Bryan helps customers make smart refurb choices to get the most from their equipment.

M.G. BRYAN takes advantage of a variety of methods when it comes to providing timely services and quotes to our customers:
  • Our experienced and professional technicians will travel to your job site and perform a thorough and in-depth inspection.
  • We have the expertise and aptitude to provide everything from a light refurb to a full trailer rebuild.
  • Our customers are provided with a comprehensive acceptance test when the refurb is complete.

Less Downtime

  • We come to your work site so the equipment can keep running.
  • We consult with you about the scope, price and timeframe needed so we can schedule a refurb that results in minimal job disruption.
  • You receive a detailed written quotation of what the refurb will include.
  • Loaner equipment may be provided, if available, to reduce lost production time.
  • We have parts availability and service technology to quickly return your equipment to service.
MG Bryan offers a one-stop, cost-effective solution to your refurbishment needs. Maximize your return on investment by considering MG Bryans refurbishment program and take advantage of:
    • Less downtime as our team regularly inspects your worksite to make sure your equipment is operating efficiently and effectively,
    • Longer life equipment allowing for continued performance at peak efficiency.
    • An exhaustive mechanical and appearance inspection, performed by trained technicians, to ensure that your equipment meets MG Bryan standards

Longer Life of Equipment

  • Full inspection and rebuild of all major components means that the equipment continues performing at peak efficiency.
  • Refurb may include full engine rebuild, preventive maintenance, parts replacement, and upgrades to latest technology.
  • Two hour customer acceptance test upon completion of refurb.
  • Machine operators continue running familiar equipment, so no retraining is required.
  • An equipment refurb typically costs much less than a new buy, but brings a machine back to near-new condition.
  • Your operation can anticipate a 75-80% life expectancy extension, based on machine usage.

Contact M.G. Bryan today at (972) 623-4300 for more information on meeting your equipment refurb needs.

Welcome to a world of powerful solutions at M.G. Bryan.