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M.G. Bryan Equipment Company is your one-stop source for industrial engines, generator sets, oil field service equipment, parts and service since 1986.

More than 30 years ago, Michael G. Bryan started the M.G. Bryan Equipment Co. Inc. with $25,000 and a broom closet for an office.

He was skilled at selling engines and oilfield service equipment. An astute businessman, he decided to seize the opportunity to capitalize on the oil bust of the 1980s. Bryan began buying oilfield service equipment for 10 to 25 cents on the dollar and reselling it to customers in Canada, South America and China. M.G. Bryan was profitable after its first month.

It wasn’t until 1999 that Michael’s son, Matt, joined the company. He first had to meet strict criteria established by his father for any relative wanting to join the family business: Work elsewhere for a minimum of four years, have no debt and earn an impressive salary.

“Dad was never just going to give us the company,” said Matt Bryan, now president and CEO of the equipment manufacturer. When Matt finally did join the business, he started at the bottom. He worked in the parts department and assembled engines in production, before coming inside to an untitled sales position, which he held for three years. He was then promoted to vice president of sales and, five years later, to company president. Three years ago, patriarch and CEO of the company, Michael Bryan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Matt assumed his role as CEO.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain and enhance this global leadership position by continuously improving our existing product and service offerings, innovating new products, and expanding our business through selective acquisition of complementary equipment manufacturing capabilities and distribution channels.

We measure our success by the level of satisfaction and value that our customers, employees and business partners receive.

We strive to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations by providing timely, high-quality services and products at a fair profit. Led by enthusiastic employees who give their best every day, we constantly improve our business practices through feedback from internal and external customers.

Oil & Gas Market

M.G. Bryan has more than 30 years of experience with building Fracturing and Well stimulation equipment, with in-house engineering, software development, and quality control expertise.

Contact MG Bryan today at (972) 623-4300 for more information.

Welcome to a world of powerful solutions at M.G. Bryan.